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Establishing a strong, cohesive brand identity on your website sets the tone for user experiences, creating a memorable impression that resonates with your audience.
A sketch of a megaphone, suggesting communication and design.

In addition to showcasing your brand through visual elements and the overall user experience in web design, there are numerous opportunities for brand promotion on online platforms.

Best Practices

  • Use your brand's unique voice in all written communications. For example, your brand can convey a positive and optimistic attitude through clear text, appropriate use of exclamation marks and emojis, and concise sentence structures.
  • Consider selecting one or several accent colors to enhance brand recognition. In web design, you can specify colors for web elements such as buttons, text, and icons to enhance the consistency and appeal of the user interface.
  • Consider using a custom font. If your brand style is closely associated with a specific font, ensure it is legible in various sizes and formats (such as bold or large fonts). Using custom fonts for headings and subheadings while employing system fonts for body text and descriptions can be effective, as system fonts are designed for optimal readability at smaller sizes.
  • Ensure the brand always follows content. Reserving screen space solely for displaying brand assets means less space for content that users care about. Integrate brand promotion in a refined and unobtrusive manner without affecting the user experience.
  • Provide a comfortable experience for users by consistently using standard patterns. Even highly stylized interfaces should maintain familiar behaviors, making it easy for users to navigate if interface components are placed in expected locations and standard symbols represent common actions.
  • Avoid displaying your logo throughout the entire website or application unless it is crucial for providing context. Generally, it is better to use that space to provide valuable information and controls to users.
  • Avoid using the loading screen for brand promotion. Although some platforms use loading screens to minimize the waiting experience while allowing time for the website or application to load resources, loading screens disappear too quickly to convey any information. However, consider showing a welcome or onboarding screen with your brand content as users begin their experience.